Kapital | Century Denim 7-S Release Event – in Kobe

September 15th marked the official release of the companion to Century Denim 5-S. The sumi (Japanese Charcoal Ink) 7-S.

Held in Kobe, the event went through the weekend, and offered several fantastic surprises. The first, a silver rivet to make this product extra special. Set into the jeans by hand and hammer -the craftsman’s signature on his work. The silver is a perfect compliment to the ink-dyed color. The Kapital Global site also covered the event, and you can read that one here.

The second, another great kakishibu demonstration by the fellows from the Kountry factory. This time the persimmon tannin was applied to a pair of 7-S. The color is dependent on the number of coats applied, and a totally different hue from the 5-S.

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