Kvatek, Kapital, Denim

I like grit. It is one thing that makes us(men) men. One person who understands grit is Eric Kvatek; A photographer from Ohio. Have a look at his homepage to see what I am talking about. I always get a little inspiration from his work.

I am a really big fan of Kapital Co. Japan.

I have a thing for things that are different, things kinda strange, and stuff that is just weird-cool. Kapital is a clothing company from Okayama that makes the unorthodox. They are probably most famous for producing jeans, but their denim should not over shadow their other products. Their themes are very random and internationally inspired. Most of their clothing and accessories are inspired by ethnic groups, indigenous peoples, and vintage designs (sometimes even folklore). Kapital is one of Japan’s many micro-manias, they have created a cult-like following with well done promotions and opportunities. Kapital however is not a luxury brand even though their pricing is on the high side, they should definitely be known as a premium brand. Everything they produce is well made and thoroughly thought out.

Denim in Japan is an unusually strong industry, almost like micro-beer-breweries in the U.S., Japan has micro denim mills. Just one search on the Internet and you will likely find links to hundreds of brands of Japan-manufactured denim. Why the draw from abroad? It is most likely attributed to its exclusiveness, as most of the dyeing/manufacturing is done in small workshops by obsessed craftsmen.

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