The long 90 days of summer is upon us.

Summer begins, which means, time for summer reading. This summer I am planning to spend more time with my wife because we are expecting our first child in September. Therefore, lots of reading for new ideas, creativity, progression, education, you get the picture…

So the first few books I am delving into.

First book I finished reading so far was Hugh MacLeods’ Ignore Everybody And 39 Other Keys to Creativity. It took less than 5 hours to read it through but the content inside is enough to get lots of creative minds working again. It is definitely a good book to maybe inspire something that you have been putting off doing.

The second book I am working on now is Feodor Dostoevskys’ Crime And Punishment. I have done a lot of Russian literature reading in the recent past mainly because of its impact on the literature world. I am very interested in modernist reading and characters as ideas. Profoundly important for my writing as well.

Ulysses is on my book list, although, I doubt I will get around to reading it this summer, I want to try some new readings to progress on career stuff. Going to look at some books on education and creativity more.

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