Kapital Kountry

*Translated from the Kapital homepage.


We are taking a new approach this year, Sen Saku Zome Factory. Our new approach of Sensakuzome factory gives us the opportunity to do in-house sewing, wash processing, and finishing; our very own new style. Kapital, started a dozen or so years ago, incorporating our own sewing plant and design team, which is very unique and had never been done before. We started from scratch, and had numerous difficulties and set backs. Needless to say, it was really hectic. However our manufacturing style has excelled our expectations.


We would like to thank the people who supported us.

Our new Sensakuzome Factory will be called KOUNTRY BLUEHANDED. We cannot imagine where this new style will take us, even though we have experienced this before with the launch of the original Kapital brand. What does “Sen Saku Zome” mean?: It’s a processing factory which deals with clothes mostly denim in Kurashiki, Kojima area and does processing and finishing after sewing.


Washing(Arai – Sen) – Washing with stones and fade some color, for example stonewash, biowash etc…


Scraping (Kezuru – Saku) – Adding some damage by scraping before washing, using Shaping and Blast processing.


Dying (Someru – Zome) – Dying clothes various color or color fading.

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