Pocket Square


Pocket squares are another good way to use bandannas. Consider them the alternative to a towel when one isn’t available. Wiping the sweat off your face in the smoldering summer heat is best not done with your shirt sleeve. Unless of course you didn’t put your bandanna in your pocket.

Here in Japan it’s common for everyone to carry a small towel with them, especially in summer. I don’t really like towels outside of the washroom so I came up with using a bandanna instead.

Here is a simple way to utilize the bandanna into a sort of eco-towel with a vintage twist and style.

First off bandannas are not as absorbent as a towel, so when you use it to wipe your hands or face off you aren’t going to be totally unfolding it, the layers help absorb the moisture.

The first step is to fold the bandanna in half.


Then fold again lengthwise.


Now you have a pocket square. This is the four layers, that will absorb enough moisture for wiping your face or neck. Though it is very necessary to change your bandanna like your underwear each day!

From here you can do several things:

First the mini square.


With this you can fold it over the back pocket of your jeans for easy reach.


Or you can fold it in half and store it in your pocket showing ever so slightly.


One more thing you can do as a kind of decorative fold is the pentagon.


This you can put in the chest pocket of your jacket, or in the back pocket of your jeans.



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