Kapital Close-up

Here are a few items that I feel really give credit to Kapital’s products.  These are items not represented in the catalog very well, or are items only available at the store. 


Here is a great example of Kapital’s new Kountry line.  This pair of denim is a fusion of the TH and Cisco cuts.  Some bleaching, and scrapping and the addition of the hammered in studs, makes a fun original pair of denim.



And here we have an interesting pair of Boro TH’s.  I think this shows Kapital’s ingenuity at creating something distinctly Japanese by incorporating Japanese Boro-tsugihagi into Western work wear.  



This is a denim “Hunters Jacket” from the spring collection.  Using vintage styling in addition to a little more fun by adding more than enough pockets. Riveted pockets, and the contrast yellow stitching, exposes the great detail and build quality. 


Last but not least; the goat hide patch from a pair of Honai TH Zipang. ” 藍” certifies that this is real natural indigo dyed cotton.  Signed and sealed by Mr. TH.

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