45rpm / Umii 908 “Honai” Indigo cotton knit cardigan.

Randomly browsing the sale season here in Japan and I stumbled across this gorgeous indigo knit.  A fairly standard shirt collar cardigan, but the rugged appeal is in the design and the small details. There is always a lot of talk of 45rpm’s denim, but they make several other, beautiful indigo pieces seasonally. The “Umii 908” name is 45rpm’s naval/mariner inspired line, that uses lots of vintage work-wear cuts and patterns.


What really made this sweater stand out was the crafty feel of the coconut buttons, and the exceptionally hand-knit feel of the body.  It is a nice heavy-weight cotton knit that feels durable and comfortable. 


The indigo color is rich and deep, and the scent of real Japanese indigo dying is evident through the natural color variation of the threads. 


It has the look and feel of a modern adaptation to some country farmer style knits of ancient Japan.  I imagine some ancient Japanese fisherman sitting on a pile of crates mending his nets, wearing this sweater. 




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