Quoddy Leather Boat Shoes

After comparing several different boat shoes, and reading reviews I decided to get a pair of these Quoddy Leather Boat Shoes.  They are made in Perry, Maine, of hand-sewn high quality leather.  The wait time after placing an order is rather long, for me it was two months.  I just want to make it clear that these are really study and comfortable.  Well worth the wait.




They fit like a baseball glove and the supple leather forms gradually to your foot shape. They break in quick the back part that touches the heal of my foot was soft and comfortable after just one day. 







After walking in them for a few days, I decided to take some quick pictures of how they wear out-of-the-box.  They are still in the process of shaping to my foot so the sole looks slightly warped but it’s only because its molding to my step. 







They hold up well to rain, as right now it is still rainy season here in Japan.  Being out the whole day in pouring rain walking around Kyoto my feet were left dry and blister free.  








I customized my order with antique brass eyelets, which give the shoe a more classic touch, which also blends well with the leather.  The laces are fully leather and from what I can tell stay tied.  I highly recommend these shoes to someone who’s looking for subtle, unique, and high quality style shoes.


You can find these shoes, and other models here at Quoddy.com

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