Kapital 2010 Fall/Winter Catalog “Go West”

Every year around this time, the A/W catalogs start appearing.  For me it’s a time of rejoicing, it gives me time to mentally escape from the summer heat. I think about the cooler weather, and the clothing and fashion that goes along with it.  This year is no exception, especially for Kapital.  They have blown me away again this year with urban work-wear, maritime, and outdoor themes.  Not to mention, they have released some special items once again. 


So lets begin…


Indigo for the season.  I love this cable-knit fisherman sweater.


Very rugged and tough work-wear here. Hunting-satchel inspired pockets.



Some unique work/urban style. 



Here is my favorite section, maritime.  Loads of excellent items this year.  Thick manly wool turtlenecks, everything looks like authentic 1920’s sailor, and fisherman clothing. Antique brass buttons, Irish fisherman sweaters, anchor accents, and dark blues. 



Very interesting pull-over parka, with anchor accents.



I love this early 1900’s style sailor shirt.


Very nice duffel coat here.  They are using a reproduction 1940’s melton wool in several different colors, but in navy it looks excellent. 


A few blanket coats, everything looks like it was made right on the homestead.  Blanket coats, and shawl neck car coats.  Lots of vintage style here.



Great mountaineering style here, I feel like I’m looking at an old photograph. 


One thought on “Kapital 2010 Fall/Winter Catalog “Go West”

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