Hues of Blues

Some of my recent acquisitions and on-going projects.



The Noragi I am repairing.



A futon cover I am working on repairing, and expanding.


Futon cover additional panels. Wondferful natural indigo check.



4 thoughts on “Hues of Blues

  1. Hi there, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I must say that your posts are really interesting as I’ve been always interested on the Japanese interpretation of american workwear, their vintage textiles and anything Japanese really.. I was just wondering, may I know where did you get the Noragi? I would like to get a hold of one of those. I know there’s some site on the Internet such as kimonoboy or e-bay that sells these kind of items. Are these vintage garments commonly sold there in Japan?

      1. Hey thanks for the response. I am out of luck then as I haven’t got any plan to go to Japan any time soon. Might have to keep scouring the net to get one then. Thanks again!

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