Free & Easy December 2010

Another year is closing and here we have the last issue of F&E for 2010.  Let me start out by saying that I am not a big fan of tweed. Don’t get me wrong it is just not my thing, far too sophisticated of a look for me.  If you are into this look I implore you to pick up this issue.

This issue is also loaded with a good assortment of leather goods, coats, jackets, wallets, etc. 


Malkovich on the cover, good start.




I am just going to skip to my personal favorite section in this issue, which was car coats.  There is nothing more rugged or plain cool than a leather car coat. The mackinaw type is one of my favorite classic designs.




Lot’s of great coats here, the Heller’s Cafe one especially is eye catching. The black leather with the light wool collar is very smooth, and the contrast wool blanket liner is very clever.






Leather caps, definitely timeless classiness.




Tweed caps, fit for a gentleman.  





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