Kapital Spring 2011 “Farmy” Book


Shot in the great state of Ohio.



Here are a few scans from the new 2011 Kapital spring book, “Farmy”



British Tweed Dutch-Jacket; Thin Canvas Frontier Vest

A lot of the looks here are reminiscent of the great depression. Huge caps, wide slacks, over-alls, and v-neck vests. 



Crazy Fleece-lined  Beach Frontier Jacket


Tough looking work-wear with a fun beach jacket reproduction.



Sumi Hickory Iron Master Overall, Canvas-Nylon Railroad Bolero


Like a revision of “American Gothic”.  I especially like the double-button work shirt.



Sumi Hickory Stripe Work Jacket, and Painter Pants


A well done hickory-stripe denim jean and cover-all. 



Kountry Sashiko-Damage TH, Shirt-Denim W-Workshirt, Chambray Amish Farmer Shirt, and Chambray Hooded Work Shirt


Lot’s of new Kountry items, and I enjoy seeing more farm-repair inspiration from Kapital. 




Denim duffle coat, with a water resistant coating? Seaman’s approval!


I encourage readers to pick up a copy however they can, there are plenty of unique items.

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