Kimonoboy-Jim Austin and his amazing Boro




I met with Jim Austin owner and operator of Kimono Boy Antique Folk Japanese Textiles. We got to sit down and chat about our mutual respect and interest in Japanese folk textiles.  I got to take a special peek and what Jim sells through his site and the treasures that he finds. 

Jim and his wife sell antique textiles in Japan and overseas.  His interest started with silk kimono fabric and gradually became interested in indigo and home-made textiles.  He respects the time and skill that went into producing each piece in the past, so he treats each one with care.  Just about everything he sells gets washed and repaired to retain its beauty.  



One great example of a repaired boro futon cover.  




Closure on the futon cover




Saki-ori fisherman’s jacket.


Sashi-ko work jacket.


Detail of a sashi-ko vest that was heavily reinforced with sashi-ko stitching. 


This is what most of the boro pieces look like before Jim repairs and washes them.  All of the pieces are mended carefully to keep them authentic and beautiful.


Lots of folk textiles beautifully cared for and organized.  


3 thoughts on “Kimonoboy-Jim Austin and his amazing Boro

    1. Im glad you like our products, and a big thank you to “bandannaalmanac” for this great article which highlights the true essence of Japanese Folk Textiles.

      1. Thank you for letting me view your amazing collection. It still is very vivid and alive in my memory. I will never forget your incredible hospitality. Thank you

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