Kapital Houndstooth-Check Pouch Shirt

This is one of many Kapital items I often find that look like they have a story behind them.  I would love to call this one “lucky fisherman’s shirt”. The vintage hounds-tooth cotton fabric, and the olive reverse remind me of something a character in a Hemingway novel would wear. The vintage cut of the shirt adds some humor and character. 




The shirt is made of a 2-ply cotton fabric, the front being the thick hounds-tooth weave and the reverse a cotton plain-weave.  This makes the shirt feel extremely durable and almost like a heavy-weight knit.  The pouch shirt pockets are pretty standard shaped work-shirt style.  The concealed plackets confirm it’s a shirt designed for work.  



The reason I think this shirt would have been lucky is because the blanket pin replacing the traditional button.  I imagine that someone would have modified this shirt to accommodate their lucky charm. These are the wonderful details that Kapital adds to their clothing to make them that much more interesting and fun.

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