More Kountry…

Kountry boro-collar ring jacket. Covered in hand stitching and patches this ring jacket is a great example of craftsmanship.  Plus you can’t resist that “only one” originality. 



Very cool Kountry military-blanket ring jacket.  Something out of crazy-paratrooper’s wardrobe, the collar continues into a wrap around scarf.  Lot’s of details on this jacket.






Kountry herringbone farm jacket.  The look of the leather edging has a vintage made-at-home feel to the whole jacket.  The donut buttons finish the entire off nicely.



Not a fan of tweed? This jacket will change your mind.  Black tweed with a slight amount of hand-distressing, and the verdigris buttons are something else.  At the top of the lapel are two holes for a blanket-pin to go through for that “Kountry” finishing touch.



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