Kapital Summer 2011 “Blue Men”


A lot of incredible indigo dyed items this season. Plenty of light and rustic fabrics combined with more ethnic-inspired designs.  Mix of work and gypsy styles for a fun 2011 summer. Eric, Kiro, and company did an amazing job on this book; the locations, photos, and styles create a mysterious story for readers and fans. Enjoy.




No.8 Sail-canvas Navajo-bead Patch Cap. Khaki Navy-type Work Shirt. Cotton-hemp Twill “Depression Fatigue” Pants.



12oz Denim Victory Hat. Kountry Boro Tsugi-hagi Sweatshirt Vest. Chambray Navy-type Work Shirt. Nubby-canvas Wabash-print Painter pants.



Gypsy Patchwork White Long-T. Yagu Chino Pants. Khaki Gauze Twist-Stole. 




Linen-leather Henley Neck-T. Nubby Canvas Fisherman Pants.




(Right) Indigo-Kaya Linen CORP Hood. 



Basket Hickory Fringe Jacket.



Indigo Sashi-ko Pioneer Vest. Indigo Fringe Shirt. 




Kountry Denim Long-T. Indigo Shirt-chino BIG Wabash-print Painter Pants. 


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