Barrett Alley Leather Works X Bandanna Almanac


In the event of a nuclear holocaust I have often made a hypothetical list of what I would bring with me. It usually includes rubber-coveralls from the 1940’s, a radio in an Altoids case, and a few other random survival tools. 

But now I going to have to revise, in order to include what Barrett Alley has produced. His uncanny eye for detail, and homestead-like sewing skills produce some really excellent goods. Leather items are usually understated, stark accessories that hold our currency, or are marked with brand-name promises. 

Barrett has crafted some of the finest hand made leather goods I have seen to date. Plenty of people have been throwing around the term “hand-made”, and “vintage” these days. Barrett is an exception toward that trend. He really does everything by hand, from designing each product, to the sewing of each stitch. The materials he utilizes are all chosen specifically for each item. I’ve collaborated with him on this project by sending him a few (which I think are) really nice fabric pieces, combined with his craftsmanship have produced the two following special items.

This here is the Daijobu Bracelet to which one would feel very 大丈夫! Hand-braided Japanese Meiji-era indigo-dyed cotton with leather edging and fastener looks fantastically refined yet folk-crafty. Almost forgot the vintage button is the perfect finishing touch.


Second item is this Judas Pouch. Again, more vintage Japanese fabric; a check-pattern indigo-dyed cotton, wrapped in supple deerskin. Finished off with another very attractive vintage button. Perfect size for change, or just as a simple wallet.


If you are interested in learning more about his products please follow this link: Barrett Alley’s handmade leather goods.

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