Big John “New Rare” R008

Some of my readers may know of my ongoing prattling about these, but here they are in my hands. Raw 15.5 Japanese denim. The box covered in denim, and fine Japanese paper “washi”.



The indigo is obviously made from the eye and careful hands of a master. The deep blue denim was finely tuned at the Sakamoto denim mill, and the president of the company, a living national treasure, created the color. A hue inspired by dyes from Edo period Japan. The smell reminds me of Awa-ai from Tokushima. Stamped on the denim here the offical stamp of the creator and mill “Sakamoto-ransei”.


There are enough details here to have me go on prattling. Craftsman button.


Indigo dyed deerskin patch. Kurashiki canvas woven in a famous factory same stamped-picture is on the above button.


Indigo dyed deerskin button-hole and rivet reinforcmens.


Iron and Copper rivets, double stitching throughout. Despite a lack of chainstitching these jeans do seem very durable.


Finally, a message and guarantee to customers of Big John quality assurance. 


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