Free & Easy October 2011

October, my favorite month of the year, and an exceptional Free & Easy denim issue. Cover: Rugged Museum dogi (ex: judo-gi kendo-gi etc.) work pants.


Bryan Whitehead, wearing his indigo sashiko jacket, which a designer-friend of his put together in around… 600 hours! A more detailed picture of the same jacket which I took can be found here. Excellent style Bryan! This style I’m naming “The Mountain Craftsman”.


Mr. Eric Kvatek, sporting his own unique look. I love the necktie-rugged look. Eric’s style is definitely a reflection of his experiences and his personality. Well done buddy! Calling his look “The Hard-boiled Photographer”.


These quaint pair of jeans are from a relatively unknown manufacturer, Kagura: based in Kagoshima. Phoenix stitching on the back pockets Sakurajima label, and the all-around Japanese style of these jeans puts a smile on my face. Only 100 were made in this new release first-run, expect these to be rare.


The mischievous boys at Kapital’s special operations unit “Kountry” are at it again. Here, with a waxy finish, double-knee double-indigo-duck-jean. Based on the TH cut, finished with a special indigo label. These are as rugged as they come.


These caught my eye while leafing through. I like inspired pieces a lot, and this one really made me raise an eyebrow. In Japan it isn’t uncommon to see people (alcohol store delivery clerks) wearing a thick canvas indigo-dyed apron usually marked with the company/shop name. These are called maekake. Koromo took their jeans and maekake and got all the details right. They are a small Kyoto based company. These would be perfect for the bartender who’s looking to make a statement. 


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