Kapital “Ropes & Anchors” Jacquard Denim 1st Jacket

My eye caught this piece from Kapital last year. The great classic design of vintage clothing paired with folk-crafty prints. An east meets west collaboration of style. I almost want to say it looks like some scavenged Japanese kimono fabric, paired with old American work-wear. 


The pattern for this denim looks like it came from an old fisherman’s work kimono. The texture is unlike standard denim,and has a really interesting effect which makes it feel like the pattern was sewn into the denim rather than loomed. 


The jacket pattern is based off of the old Levis 502XX Big E jacket. One pocket, pleats, and generous use of rivets. 


The pattern is made of anchors and rope, I like how the whole pattern works with the design of the jacket. 


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