Kapital Indigo Wide-Check Flannel Work Shirt

I am not the biggest fan of flannel, and most people wear them to death. So I was surprised when I found one I absolutely fell in love with. Kapital of course, put a fun twist on the most recently over-used style item around.

The overall medium-indigo tone of the shirt is tastefully paired with a natural gray. 100% cotton, heavyweight flannel ensures warmth during the colder months ahead. This subdued color combination suits Japanese traditional clothing, natural colors indigo and sumi really make this shirt special. This shirt really feels like it was crafted in a mountain cottage, the hearty cotton threads dyed by hand, and woven on an ancient wooden loom.


Classic military work-shirt pockets. Extra horizontal hole for a pencil, pen, or whatever you can imagine.


Selvedge fabric, which shows the high quality materials used in Kapital clothing. 


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