Kapital – Kountry | November Hits

The colder weather has arrived, and it is time to start looking at some warm layers, and some new items from the Kapital skunk-works. 

Continuation of gypsy sleeves, and colorful patch-works puts a dash of color into the shorter days. Rugged sashiko stitching and hearty tweeds will ensure style and warmth.


Hike-Knit sweater-jacket. 


Me wearing the Hike-Knit jacket



Kapital Kountry patchwork legwarmer socks. Adorable.




Kountry Cisco quilt “raspberry” pocket. Reprise of the torn knee.


It looks like these pants are sticking their tounge out at us…



Kountry patchwork scarf. Scraps and rags from old scarfs, remade into a new scarf. Brings out the color of heart and soul.


Gypsy sleeve indigo over-dyed shirt. What can I say?… I love these sleeves. This time scraps from old scarfs were used to construct the sleeves.
Over-dyed indigo will fade gently and show a great texture after a few months.

Denim and Tweed shop coat. Long work jacket, this is a good example of a Texas tuxedo. Tidy tweed and rough and rugged denim. 

An abundance of sashiko stitching details. Gives the whole piece deep texture, and brings out the indigo charm.

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