Kapital X Free & Easy | Muffrad!! Special Promotional Booklet

An idea book, and lookbook just for mufflers / scarves. Variety from the current book Colorado Hippies and the book for Spring 2012 Surf Cowboys


Cover with a great Americana feel to it.


I like this very 渋い (shibui) style, perfect for ladies, but for guys really outstanding simplicity and refinement. Soft, with a rugged unobbtrusive beauty to it.


The Hard-boiled Photographer Kvatek returns with a “Essence of Native” look. Tough with a touch of warmth contrasting colors with a subtle refined theme. 


Big patterns, and bold colors go well for these massive scarves. They will definitely brighten up any of the grey weather of winter.


Love these Japanese textiles inspired items. Kountry once again brings up the edge with bold sashiko and indigo designs, to compliment practically anything. 


These new bold patterns and colors will brighten up your wardrobe and compliment anything you can throw at them. Protect your neck, with a Kapital muffler. I am sure you will fall in love with any of them.

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