Kapital Spring 2012 | Surf Cowboys

Surf Cowboys celebrates the 30th catalog for the company and 10 years of Hirata Vs. Kvatek. The visionary pair have been working together for a long while and I congratulate them on their work thus far, and their future productions. Their books balance natural and urban environments with their stunning and constantly evolving fashion.


The Spring 2012 catalog/look-book is out! Shot entirely in Australia with local people, the whole book and vision has a local seaside feel to it. Eric Kvatek and Kiro Hirata did an excellent job on combining the clothes and the look with the location. 


This time around the sashiko lovers will not be disappointed. Tons of great looking indigo hues, a plethora of new designs, and ingenius uses of sashiko.


New ring coats, and lots of interesting Native American prints used with fleece, and as accents to vests and jackets.


Indigo knits, with clever contrasting knitted pockets.


One of my favorite pieces; kendo glove sashiko hobo jacket. Fabric inspired by the gloves used in the sport of kendo, with a very eye-catching sashiko boro color.


Indigo tribe. Boro sashiko shirts, and details on everything! 


Norman Rockwell inspired mermaid fishermen, a look of rugged fishermen as salty as the sea.


I am a huge fan of these sashiko boro inspired knits. Kapital incorporates a little knitting technology to create a remarkably unique look. 


Wonderful embroidered western shirt. Another expression of the Surf Cowboy.


14oz rivet-less Cisco denim jeans. Inspired from the book “Jeans of the Old West“.

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