Kapital | Over-dye Navy Supply Boots


I felt a bit like a sailor on shore leave walking around in Kojima port wearing these boots. Possibly someone might have done the same ages ago when this boot-shape was a popular look. The leather bottom sole, hard, unforgiving but a feeling of being connected to the earth. The “click-clack” of cold leather on the side walk is something not often heard from mens shoes anymore, as people trade the leather for the comfort of a rubber sole. The lightness and nimbleness of these shoes are perfect for Japan. Especially since changing footwear is necessary in most Japanese interiors. Laces and heft are out of the question.


Wrapped in parchment colored paper I felt like I was receiving a pair of issued Japanese navy uniform boots. Inspired by vintage Edo period style ruggedness, these boots feature canvas uppers and oil leather vamps. A hefty zipper keeps them on your feet. 


Lined with leather, the boots have been dipped in a kakishibu brown color, which turned the brown leather into a very rich 黒茶 (Black Tea) color. A melange of browns really. The silhouette is round and the narrow welt really brings a refined vintage look to them.


Depending on how the light hits them, the shadows and highlights change the texture and hues of the browns. 


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