Koromo | Multi-pocket Work pants

I picked these up in Kyoto at the Teramachi shop of Koromo. Deep, dark indigo dipped duck and kendo-gi work-pants. Koromo “衣” means clothing in Japanese, their specialty is Japanese-esq designs but they do some west-meets-east design as well. This pair of pants are a good example of how they combine workwear with Japanese fabrics.

The stitched pockets, I anticipate will fade nicely. The duck fabric is a really nice sturdy cotton weave, all entirely made in Kyoto.

The kendo-gi fabric I am sure will fade to a really nice light hue of indigo. This fabric is commonly found in martial arts uniforms, because it is sturdy and light weight.

The Koromo tag, and contrasting fabrics. The overall feeling of these feels really rough, and hard but will soften over time. I can’t wait to see how they are going to fade over time.

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