Kapital Kountry | January 2012

The new year has just begun but I have an underlying feeling that this year is going to be numinous. The year of the dragon; expect maybe a more salient edge from the Kapital folks.

The folks at Kountry haven’t been taking much holiday I guess, because the new items for January are variegated and definitely add a new page to their book. Look for more Kountry Home items this year, and more eccentric designs.


This Kountry pillow/cushion is really eye-catching using wool scarf scraps, and some wabash indigo cotton fabric on the reverse side. It has a really nice warm feeling about it, I am sure it would add plenty of good positive energy in any room it adorns.



This knit western shirt is reminiscent of one I recall in the Totem Life book from a few years back. This time though it is a lighter hue of indigo, buttons in addition to the snaps, plus some really loverly repairs and hand-stitching. 



Double knee pants. Canvas and corduroy, lots of subtle refined details. All of which creates this rugged feeling, but has a natural aesthetic about it. 



Indigo and bengara dyed (iron oxide dye) waffle knit shirt. The lower edge is bengara, suggesting a selvedge edge? I like the two color contrast in addition to the pocket color. Simple and unobtrusive. 



No. 4 Cisco jeans. Faded, distressed, and covered in gorgeous sashiko style stitching. These may seem vaguely similar to a previous post, as these are the second iteration of those jeans. These come in the two shades of persimmon tannin (kakishibu) and the light and dark No. 4 denim.



I am not sure what to call this bag. The sashiko-KOGIN-native bag… I suppose that will do. Native american blanket style fabric in a medium indigo hue, with sashiko KOGIN details. Big!

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