Thanks for sharing… Dear Readers,

Whenever I get reader mail, I get a real sense of accomplishment. I created this blog as a place to share my interests with the world. I hope to inspire those who wouldn’t otherwise be because of language barriers, and or physical distance. In a sense I try to act as a bridge between my audience and my interests in a language and cultural sense. 

I love the idea of “thanks for sharing”. For me that is the best feedback I can get, because I am glad to hear that someone actually took an interest. And maybe they can either relate or understand where I am coming from. My posts are my passions, a collection of ideas and diversity. 

The bandana is the symbol for that diversity, the many different patterns, colors, and variations within the sameness of the form. One word that is implicit to so many other meanings. This collection of stories and ideas of variegated patterns, not all for everybody, but many for a few. One to strike a chord with someone. I hope readers can find a story that grows on them, and constantly find new meaning from it. 

The almanac is synonymous with facts and reference. This place is an almanac for people outside the mainstream. People as I put them “self-edged folk“, outcasts, and outsiders. These are the people and ideas that inspire the mainstream. These ideas and people enthrall me. This place is for me to share them with you. 

Thank you for reading. 

(Thank you “CNO” for your mail, it inspired me to write this)

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