Kapital Kountry | Liquor Flannel Shirt – Cornfield Damage

Inspired by the vintage flannel shirts by BIG MAC Kapital went to great lengths to recreate this thick durable flannel. The flannel is heavyweight and feels like it was made in the 1950’s. Commonly worn by truck drivers, farmers, ranchers, and almost every other working man in America. This shirt looks like it should be a workwear museum display.

The Kountry crew took their time to design this shirt. The erratic stitching and what looks like a recycled oven mitt or placemat has been used to finish the shirt. Slight off-white sashiko stitching on the quilt adds a subtle texture. Hand-stitched underside patches look really rugged, and I like the chest pockets are finished at the bottoms with contrasting fabric. It looks as though they were worn through and patched up, as though the person who wore this shirt carried around baskets of corn all day. I like the blend of slight cute and rugged, flowery prints and hard, red flannel.

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