Spring Dreaming…

Spring is the season, the color is indigo and white. Although we are just in the midst of a bitterly cold winter, iridescent colors remind us that spring is just around the corner. 


This KOGIN knit is inspired by the namesake kimonos and textiles of the north areas of Japan. Kapital created this really gorgeous knit from that inspiration. The KOGIN knit is available in several different scarves, a vest, and a poncho.



Indigo blue, that dark hue to a beautiful lighter hue is the shadow check. Classic western wear style, with a Kapital touch. 3 flavors of shirts a few different colors, and denim. This year, this one pictured is my favorite. Mis-matched pockets, black opal snaps. 



The folk rose hooded sweat is an item that I really don’t think got enough love this year. The intricately embroidered contrasting roses look like a the handiwork of a mother’s love. The stringless hood is massive, and will keep your neck warm when it is worn down. 



Florals and classic patterns are the highlights of spring socks at Kapital. And just look at those fantastic bright colors.


Winter creeping into spring. Cowichan inspired socks warm the feet for winter, and the lighter shade colors will keep your mind on the coming spring.


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