Kapital Kountry | Lodge Manager Parka – On the street

Special guest appearance by Mr. Chopsticks, and the debut of the Lodge Manager Parka. 


The inspiration for this comes from that fictional curious mountain lodge, deep in a winter slump. The manager of this strange lodge, possibly slowly losing his mind from solitude. Rusty keys accessorize the color denim base, and give it that lodge manager kick. These come in four flavors, salmon pink (pictured), orange, navy, and green. 


Hints of indigo denim pop out at the points of wear, repaired and colorfully sewn together.


Colorful zigzag stitching on the pockets and throughout. 


Usually the standard mountain parka is a nylon base, but the clever Kapital designers added their personal touch, denim. Kountry adds the spice and it all culminates into this really interesting piece.


The most unforgettable detail is the ingenious sock-pocket (socket). Which perfectly fits a smart-phone. I can’t think of a better use for an old sock.


Sock outline stitching on the front side of the parka. This is such a funny, and well done feature.


Apparently this is the jacket of a professional safe-cracker as well. 


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