Kapital | Cisco Sumi Sashi-ko Duck Pants

The sumi dye paired with the sashiko duck fabric has a really unique visual texture. The rough texture of the sashiko feels sturdy, like it was reclaimed from an old dougi. The front side features a diamond pattern while the reverse side has the standard vertical running stitch. Back pockets keep the front diamond pattern. These pants show the innovative use of dyes, fabrics and interesting details that are synonymous with Kapital’s design. The style of Japanese and American styles is done really well here, a year-round pant, but especially comfortable in the summer.

4 thoughts on “Kapital | Cisco Sumi Sashi-ko Duck Pants

  1. Hi,
    Can you tell me some more about these Sumi- Duck Trousers?
    Such as Cost, Availability, sizing and Shrinkage?

    I’m fascinated by the Ink – is the Sumi the same as is used for Tebori?


    1. Only available in Japan. From the Colorado Hippies collection. Available in Cisco and Sarueru fits. They won’t shrink very much, will stretch more than shrink.

      The sumi color is more similar to the ones used in sumi-e. I don’t know what they use for tebori.

      1. Thanks for your help.

        Do you know of a Japanese store or person I could contact about ordering these?

        I can pick them up when I’m next in Japan.

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