Current Project | Story-teller Coverall

Story-teller Coverall

Partly inspired by Native American story-teller belts my initial intention was to make a sort of travel story with patches. But I realized I didn’t have an awful lot of fabric from most of the places I have visited. This is sort of an improvised, in-progress version of that idea. Each patch is like a chapter in the life of this jacket, and also a bit of my history as well. I really like adding patchwork to add some texture, and variety to a single fabric garment. This one was originally a Kapital | Marine Denim Baker Coverall, but as it started to fade I really thought it would look even better by adding my own personality to it.

There is some really old denim I found in the embroidery tin I got from my family on one pocket. Who knows how old it was probably something my father was going to work on at some point. A lot of fabric from flea markets in Japan, and some corduroy off an old pair of trousers I had in storage. Some really old Kapital fabric that I had picked up a long while ago. A piece of a bandana that was basically tatters that I wanted to reuse. Even a piece of hand made silk from Bryan. Some bartacks from Ooe Yofukuten even made their way onto a pocket.

There is still a lot more I have planned for this jacket but this is it as of today.

I would love if readers submitted some swatches to add to it.

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