Kapital | Indigo Indio – Summer 2012

This is the 31st installment of Kapital’s look-books entitled: “Indigo Indio”. This volume is more mature, more handsome, and as always incredibly fun. This episode takes place in the heart of Mexico, matadors, horses, cobblestone streets, beautiful tile work, all compliments the line-up.

Most brands make summer some experiment upon the limits of human color toleration. Kapital keeps things shibui, natural colors, occasional eccentric patterns. Clothes that look like they were assembled not in a factory, but with careful hands, in a loving nature.

Some really great designs again this summer.Lots of interesting patchwork, early and late summer knits, incredible detailed Kountry items, and a whole lot more. More of what fans expect but new recreations of Eastern Folk Textiles blended and paired with Western work-wear fabric patterns, and designs.

Thank you Eric Kvatek and Kiro for making such a beautiful collection come alive.

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