Introduction to… | NO Shoes

NO Shoes Sneaker

NO shoes is the brainchild of talented designer Taizo Saito. I recently took a trip to his production factory here in Osaka for a peek into what goes into his productions.

Hand-Drawn Tassel Flats
Stamping Design

Taizo is the sole designer and brains of “NO” which means brain in Japanese. The “NO” refers to the deep thinking that goes into each project, “NO” to never rejecting an idea, and “NO” logo. After graduating from an infamous English fashion University he started producing footwear as NO since 2009.

Bows by Taizo
Blue and Red

This is the new model from NO shoes. The idea is skin. The rubber coating over the leather will slowly change and tear for every wearer differently. Your own personal style in four flavors.

Black and Grey

The women’s line is produced in Osaka in a famous area historically associated with leatherwork.

Getting ready to mold, crimp ,and shape
Cutting Patterns

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