Leafy Tails

This is just a brief photo re-cap of a recent visit to Leafy Tail’s Studio in Kanagawa prefecture. A short weekend of natural indigo dyeing, some resist dyeing, and a little exploration in the world of ancient textiles.

If there is a home away from home, this is it for me. Bryan’s studio/home is a place where you can find your blue hands, your green thumb and whatever other color you want to dye an appendage. The things going on here are artistic alchemy. The fashion industry wouldn’t be able to grasp this world, as it is too slow. Time here slows down. But there are so many things going on it is really hard get your head around it. This is where shibui is born. This beautiful symbiosis of people and nature make incredibly beautiful things. The unspoken beauty of things unfinished, or under construction has infinite beauty.

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