Kapital | Century Denim

Digging deep into their own history as well as Japan’s rich textile culture, The Kapital craftsmen have created something truly original and astonishing. I introduce to you the newest denim from Kapital: Century Denim. You can buy them here.

I took the photos in an old Kyoto machiya or “merchants house”. Iori allowed me in to take some snaps in their Sujiya-cho Machiya. I felt I needed some context to help me explain.

Century Denim, is a denim like none other. The No. 5S (“S” is for sashiko) denim is the kakishibu variation of Century Denim. Its deep rich brown color and indigo sashiko threads are perfectly shibui. This is one of my favorite color combinations. It is a rarely used combination today but I think it is stunning. The color tones change with the ambient light, and sometimes the indigo stands out and sometimes it just enhances the kakishibu.

Kapital has really brought something new to the denim market. Denim fanatics, these are raw.

The sashiko threads help to reinforce the strength of the denim. This is similar to how sashiko was used in the past to repair farm clothes in Japan. The fade and evolution of this denim will be interesting. The texture of the sashiko woven into the denim and the slub of the denim really compliment each other well.

One a relic of the past, the other a result of the past.

This denim is a new idea that is a culmination of several from the past. The machiya serves as a time-traveling portal to feel how things used to be. The two together just felt like a perfect pair. One a relic of the past, the other a result of the past.

I know you will want to take your first soak for Century Denim in this bath, and really get a feeling for the aesthetic charm.

For more information and availability please check the Kapital homepage frequently. As rumor has it, these may be available for international purchase.

Please have a look at the gallery for more images of the machiya, and detailed pictures of the Century Denim.

8 thoughts on “Kapital | Century Denim

  1. These are actually crazy… Seeming as you are so close to the Kapital crew, do you know if they are available for international (UK) customers? Cheers, and great site.

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