Barrett Alley | Handmade in the USA

Every time I get a product from Barrett Alley it is always a nice surprise. The simple design, and unique details are what I love most about his products. Here for instance is a hand-dyed mulberry Disciple Wallet. With a whirling-log leather stamp that I sent him. The brown flap wallet, and Koshi bracelet utilize the vintage fabric I picked up in an Osaka flea market. The clever Pill Case, and Revelation Wallet are other great examples of how to utilize materials to bring out their charming luster. He is gaining ever more acclaim these days. He has done work for John Mayer and Levi’s, so please go support him and his amazing products.

Barrett also sent me a picture of the Kapital T-shirt I sent him about one year ago. The fade he has managed to wear into it is fantastic. Cannot wait to see further evolution of the color. Thank you Barrett.

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