Kapital | Autumn Winter 2012 “Kapital City”

The Kapital autumn and winter book has arrived for 2012. This 32nd installment was shot in Vienna and Budapest by Eric Kvatek. The moods are tranquil and rustic. . The looks are layered masterpieces – simple yet so impressive. Classics re-visioned. 3 button pea-coats,and Century Jeans are the main features this year. Darker tones perfect for the grey Vienna backdrop. Luscious Japanese reds; beni, and akane – paired with complimenting greens, blues, and beiges. A motley crew of artists, and militia.

Some intriguing collar designs, and sweater shapes. Exquisite, carved-leather details are abundant and paired with tweed. One of my favorite pieces.  Eye-catching military inspired caps, and of course a whole slew of new beautiful scarves. There also seems to be an increase in ladies’ clothing and accessories this year. Overall another impressive addition and wonderful collection.

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