Osaka | Edobori Printing Company

These days printing has been put to the side given the huge advancements in computer technology and digital media. A lot of the art of printing has been lost. The particular quality of materials, the knowledge of the printer, the face-to-face discussion over design etc. – most of it is slowly disappearing.

Ono-san has been in the printing business a long time. They have been a part of the printing industry for ages and have seen the situation change. They started Edobori Printing last year in an effort to preserve and promote the letterpress. They are located in Edobori – Osaka.

The sound of the press whirring and stamping, the printer at the helm of the machine making small corrections – I felt I was in a different time. The letterpress itself is like a mechanical computer. Gears and arms working in perfect industrial harmony. Everything about this felt shibui

From the high quality materials, to the simple design everything had a refinement to it. The printer craftsman leaves no logo or signature or brand-name on his product. But the results are the signature. Clients choose from a very limited selection of high quality paper. They won’t let you make a bad choice.

Through these black and white images I hope you can see more clearly the quality, and craftsmanship in the process.

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