Okayama | 三村珈琲

I imagine I am a 1920’s writer. Walking down an ancient highway, seeing the occasional motorized vehicle pass me on the road. It is sweltering summer out – mid August, and I need a place to rest. This cafe is like a time capsule. Serendipitously taking me from now and delivering me in the past. A sanctuary of old.

Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Mimura this small soft-spoken road-side treasure is rural recreation. One could spend hours just slowing walking around the space and admiring all the history.

The slow life. Coffee passionately made, cakes and treats that compliment the aromatic roasts so well. I wish I could tell you how to get there but it is just one of those places where you just stumble upon.

4 thoughts on “Okayama | 三村珈琲

  1. Hi there, Im planning on going to Japan in January/March. Are there any places that you would recommend that I should visit, it could be anything, food, shopping, general culture… Thanks!

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