Kapital | Late Summer 晩夏 – Early Autumn 初秋 – 藍縞 “Indigo-Stripes”

There are blue moons and there are blue moods. For me this is the perfect time of year for the color indigo. Usually this is when indigo is harvested. You can see the green leaves turn dark blue, while drying in the hot sun on tile roofs. The smell of drying indigo leaves is one of the most blissful aromas. My dear friend Bryan has been doing and experiencing this for 19 years. He has a beautiful and quite poetic way of expressing this time of the year in Japan. There is a distinct change of mood in people with the seasons. It might be though, I watched far too many Yasujiro Ozu films… – so what better time than this to celebrate the hue than by wearing some?

I especially like how Kapital blends western clothing with Japanese fabric aesthetics. Simple “hidden-cool” 隠れたオシャレ stripes, and refined linen and cotton blended fabrics add superb texture to simple garments. The Kenka shirt is surprisingly versatile, and the more I wear this large wide-open style shirt, the more I enjoy wearing them. The western shirt a quintessential mens item -not only limited to cowboy persuasion, but also a staple of the ocean-tied hippie surfer.

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