Kapital | Century Denim 7-S

Finally available is the Kapital Century Denim, Japanese Charcoal Ink version. The 7-S.

Nicknamed “The Black Rose” this version is implicit beauty through simplicity. The sumi color is a muted shade, and the indigo sashiko threads the perfect companion. The denim feels like an overcast sky over the open ocean. The real allure is the unspoken refinement in the lighter tones of the base denim. The deep grey a perfect example of sumizome or ink-dyeing. The overall effect is quite eye pleasing. On my pair I coated the right-side back pocket with kakishibu to give a little personal touch to this blank canvas. I could see this pair of jeans hanging in an old Japanese house tokonoma as a kakemono (hanging scroll). A testament to craftsmanship.

This time around I went with something a little more Kapital and a little more “out there” -the “Sarouel” cut. Fuller in the hips and upper thigh, long crotch, and tapering. It is something not for everyone, but then most of what Kapital does is like this.

The 7-S are simple but if you consider adding the kakishibu coating to them the possibilities are endless. One coat will give you a nice brown hue, and multiple coats will give it a deep tea brown -washing it will alter the fades even more. Lot’s of experimenting with either variation. Not to mention all the customizing you can do with repair stitching.

For the release event at the Kapital Kobe store, customers could get a real silver rivet added to their Century Denim. An additional gold rivet was available to VIP customers. What better way to show love to your customers… These are available for overseas purchases here.

10 thoughts on “Kapital | Century Denim 7-S

  1. I’m curious, what distinguishes VIP customers (gold rivet) from regular customers? I noticed you mentioned about the lack of a gold rivet on your TH ZiPang denim as a “cost cutting effort.”

    1. VIP customers get a gold point card.

      The gold rivet is now only available during special events when the company president is present. He hand-stamps each gold rivet.

      The cost cutting efforts I would think have to do with the extraordinarily high cost of gold.

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