Kapital | Craftsman Store – Jaiken Shirt

This is a custom order from Kapital old-stock fabric. Only available at the Legs craftsman store in Tokyo. Based on a samue -traditional Japanese workwear jacket/shirt. This type of wrapping is typically used in Japan with custom kimono and yukata orders. The craftsman store is the only place you can place custom orders, and they are usually time limited.

This fabric is a herringbone twill. Military inspired fabric, with a traditional kabuki-kimono style rope pattern. The fabric is rugged and durable, this could easily be utilized as a noragi, but I prefer it as a casual light jacket.

Paired with red and grey it is perfect for autumn. I am planning on modifying this piece further to adapt it to my personal function and style.

Doing a scarecrow imitation you can see the t-shape of the pattern.

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