Kapital | Muffler Journey – Travelogue with Kapital Scarves 2012

Kapital gets a lot of their influence from outside of Japan. The people they meet when they shoot the books, and their fans and followers also influence their products and designs. It is fantastic to see these mufflers or scarves on the road and on people.

Scarves are not always worn around the neck, but they are worn as the wearer sees fit. Sometimes as a shawl, or a head-wrap and other times as an accessory. The variety of designs and colors accent the personality of the wearer as well.

This book captures the flavor and a Kapital can savor the style that is “Kapital”. The individual brings out the best of the design and the design exposes a little more of individual and their tastes. The scarf is such a simple piece of fabric but Kapital puts so much of their heart into each one. That emotion definitely permeates into the wearer and becomes a sort of talisman of joy.

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