Kapital and Autumn 2012 | Beni-iro in Gion and Higashiyama – Kyoto

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
― William Cullen Bryant.

Autumn is surely in the air here in Japan, and with the changing colors it is time to enjoy the natural red hues that mark it.


紅色, Beni-iro is a beloved Japanese vermillion. There are many shades of red. Natural reds are found in madder, cinnabar, ocher, and safflower (these being the most frequently used). This sultry red is nature’s way of foreshadowing the coming winter. A crimson curtain falling on the last breath of a slow seasonal death. Kapital uses quite a few of these wonderful colors in their autumn/winter lines. This year they did a kenka shirt in this intense red check.


The various earth tones and blue-hue mixed with the red are fun and stylish. The name we chose for our second child is “Benika”, in Japanese it means safflower. So as a sort of celebration of her birth I wanted to feature this fantastic color.


I really love the beni-iro mixed with indigo hues. The combination is stunning and Kapital really utilized these two colors well this season.

私は紅色とインディゴの 組み合わせが大好きです。相性抜群のこの2色は、Kapitalの今季ラインナップにも多く取り入れられています。

The standard “Old Man and the Sea” cap in denim, was reworked by the guys at Kountry. The light indigo hue mixed with the subtle details of beni-iro are shibui. The boro aesthetic of the hat looked at home amongst the old machiya of Gion.


*Thanks to Michael at Kyoto Foodie for taking the pictures.

* Special thanks to K. Ito for the Japanese translation.

Please also check out the interview I did with Stylesight recently, here.

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