NO Shoes – Footwear For Your Brain

A sea of shoes

Taizo and his label “NO Shoes” is pretty much unknown outside of Japan. His products are clever and cool. His mens shoes are refined but with each different pair there is a unique character. You can see it in the colors, and the patterns he chooses. Burned and Stitched

He manages to pull off a few extremely bold pieces too. But within the boldness there is an elegant and intelligent meaning.Spring and Summer

Taizo is inspired by music genres and how those music scenes have their own fashion code. He finds inspiration there and plays his own sort of number through his designs. Color Character

Bright color with stark white. But I see a balance there, especially if you express yourself through your footwear.
Leather Print Shoes

In his designs I see his own mantra being created. It almost feels like his designs are all apart of some living organism. I think his creature (even if it is just his creative mind) is fed weird things the result is his ever-growing collection.
Dude boots

I really admire the endless trial and error, and he manages to make something really beautiful from a simple idea. Whether it be a leather inspired by night-vision goggles or a last-less shoe, he is putting something uniquely beautiful out there.Lastless shoes

He has an insatiable appetite for design. These three penny loafers look really similar but each is their own reinterpretation. That balance between refinement and excitement is what really impresses me. Loafers in variety

I will be featuring Taizo’s products in an upcoming project I am working on that I will announce in the near future.

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