Kapital | Century Denim 5S (Progress)

Front wear

After almost continuous wear, switching between these and my Albuquerque jeans for over 6 months now I am quite impressed with the wear and fading on this denim.

Rear wear

Like I predicted the kakishibu does not fade as dramatically as indigo does. However, I feel this fade is unique and has its own subtle and shibui beauty to it. I think what has been going on with these jeans is that the whiskering is actually the break down of the initial coating of kakishibu that was applied before I started wearing them.

Whiskering detailed

I really enjoy wearing these jeans as they still have this charm that changes with the lighting. The sashiko woven into the denim gives the wiskering and lines of the wear this uneven chaotic feeling to them. I have really grown comfortable with treating these jeans with absolute neglect. I have worn them hard.

Knee whispering Those who are used to only seeing indigo fades might not see the full depth of texture present here. I feel a deep sense of aesthetic beauty here and as the weeks progress the beauty of this denim comes out through the texture. The real milestone here is the quality in which Kapital has presented. This denim is outstandingly durable and strong, and remarkably light.

4 thoughts on “Kapital | Century Denim 5S (Progress)

    1. I am not really sure what Kapital uses as a base dye. Probably a mordant of some sort, with Kakishibu… They have been coated once with Kakishibu. Thanks I have had a fantastic time wearing them and I’ve really grown to love them as they’ve gotten their “age lines”.

  1. Very nice jeans, I love interesting denim textures and like the originality going on here. To answer the above question, “kaki” is persimmon in Japanese, suggesting that these are indeed persimmon dyed.

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