John Lofgren & Co. | Ashida Shirt & Albuquerque Jeans Progress

Bandana arm

John Lofgren recently produced this extraordinary shirt of shibui origins. The fabric is Bingo Kasuri woven in Fukuyama, Hiroshima; a product that has a long history. A time consuming process, even today it takes one month to produce an original fabric. Introducing: the Ashida Shirt


The of grey-dusty area under the train lines in Nakatsu was the perfect place to feature this refined piece. A sumi base color, is accented with kakishibu stripes(shima), and flecks of indigo and natural white. Albuquerque jeans, slowly fading add a slight contrast. I really enjoy the Japanese folk craft aspect of the cloth paired with the simple workwear shirt design. Tagua palm tree buttons give some cream-coffee softness to the striping. This is one of the few times I have seen kasuri used so well on a shirt. The early morning light in February really brought out the subtle colors. You can read more on Fukuyama Bingo Kasuri here.

Bandana over shoulder

Such a simple shirt but the quality really lies in the details. Run-off chain stitching, and felled seams, perfection.

over shoulder looking


The fabric in some lighting, looks like it is moving while standing still.

sumi and kakishibu

*Special thanks to J. West for the shutter work.

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