Osaka | Brown Tabby – Used Clothing and Repair Shop

Tile sign

In the heart of 河内木綿 (Kawachi cotton) country, Brown Tabby is located amongst the industry and factories  of Higashi Osaka. An area with a long history of workwear, dating back to Edo period. The Yamato river was the artery that was later nicknamed the “Cotton Road” on which boats transported short-stem cotton to factories.

Brown Tabby is owned by Mr. Narita, a very knowledgable vintage fanatic. A store with an amazing and unique selection of vintage accessories, hand-made goods, vintage and new clothing, and some really great vintage footwear. But for me the most important thing they do here is repair.

Brown Tabby

The repairs and remade items are finely and authentically detailed. I couldn’t believe one guy is doing all this work on these items. Incredibly good quality workmanship on real vintage pieces. Most are items that were dead stock that other local vintage stores would have a hard time selling. So Mr. Narita sources some really great pieces then repairs and remakes them into remarkably good pieces and reasonable prices. Each piece done one at a time, each one individually distinct.

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